Monday, September 13, 2010

Cropped Rock Wall

Another neat little feature of the Robo Master software is the clipping feature. And while it does require a little extra work you can still do something amazing! I did a rock wall for a Penny Black Stamp!


First you need to bring in you  jpg file to be clipped. I used Bearly Mine Paper (freebie) that i like really well and would look really cute as part of the backdrop behind the stamped images.


after re-sizing the image (which wasn’t necessary for this) you want to click on the icon of a paper with scissors. the click on the closed spline tool and make your selection of the wall…


I hope you can see the selection I made. If not click on the photo for a larger view. The next step is to click again on the scissors icon and you will notice the excess paper disappear though the selection handles are still there.

cropped wall3

This is where the extra work comes in because you will have to re-draw the outline of the wall again. But before you do that you should move you clipped image down where you want it and you can see that i added in a little bit of grass. these i will leave as is and color with Distress ink. Now you need to get the closed spline tool and re-draw around the wall, exactly on the edge, so that you will have a cutting line. After you have done that press on the plus sign on your keypad to enlarge the screen, click on the Edit Point Tool and make sure your line lines up along the edge of your clipped picture. I didn’t like this wall so I had re-done it but this photo will give you the idea anyway.


Next you want to run this through the printer and there are a couple of things for you to check before you actually print. If you are using paper that is a different size from the 8 1/2 x 11 paper you will want to change the size of your Robo Master and Printer page to match. You also want to make sure you have borderless printing checked on the printer settings. After you are done with your printing make sure your paper is lined up where i taught you here on your carrier mat, and cut.


My wall was off by about 1/16th of an inch too high but it is still good. I will have to work on this, but then i didn’t have my paper the right size and i had to eyeball it. So, really i didn’t do too bad. I just keep forgetting to make sure my paper is the same size. I used Dick Blick’s drawing paper and this after cutting it to 8 1/2 inches wide, forgot to make the height of the paper 11 inches. This is because i generally don’t have to be so exact but when doing this kind of cutting I do have to be exact. I put the design down at the bottom of the cutting area and when printing, the paper rolls through the printer till it gets to that spot and prints. If your paper is 12 inches it prints right where it was told but you have extra paper at the bottom. I could have trimmed it then to 11 inches but i didn't think of it. Really Dumb!!! because i had to line it up to the carrier mat. And my grass turned ot fine; I even colored some of the grass on the back side so I could fold the points down.

Tomorrow the finished piece.

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