Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Little of This and That

Was wondering if any one wanted an update on the crepe paper costumes? She has posted 2 more lovely ideas from the past.
Rosebud and Tulip
& Slipovers for older girls
That should at leat spark some interesting ideas, I hope?!

The Silhouette Software is a preliminary version I am so glad they let us have to use. While the program isn't finished i can do a heart from a circle (not a square and 2 circles)! and silly looking arrowhead shape just for the fun of it. Also did a flat sided circle.

Yesterday i spent downloading my library as it wasn't picking it up on my computer and Silhouette waid this would not count as one of my recoveries i am allowed. I was so glad about that and then spent the rest of the day organizing them.

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