Sunday, October 25, 2009

A new Group; A new blog

As if I hadn't anything to do I need to start another blog? The creative person has more than one outlet to creativity anyway. there is only a main interest because it is a main passion. Right, of course right! I could, of course, show all my craft works and artworks on my other blog, Crochet Bits, but that seems to me to be a detraction from the main focus and i don't like to mix things up. So, i finally decided to put up another blog. I may not post as often here but there should be some  interesting stuff from time-to-time.

The first is that i have joined an interesting group called Paper Craft Planet. This is for all those things like rubber stamping and scrap booking. I will fit in okay. And there was a contest, right away 2 days after i joined so I entered. I don't expect to win but enjoyed doing something with a couple of things i gathered off the internet of blogs i visit regularly. It is not fancy but it will work out okay i think.

I had to borrow some ink from my daughter whose cartridge was almost empty as well as mine. So the pretty background did not turn out green like it was supposed to, but i guess it will have to do. And I couldn't think of anything I could add to it till after I turned it in; I could have tied a little bit of gold cord to the watch. But the watch  and the paper came from the Graphics Fairy. These are all scans from antique books and publications of different sorts and she generously gives them out free.
 I do plan on having some little freebies on this site as I am able to.  so do come back from time-to-time and check things out here.