Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I decided on POOF!

Yesterday I left the card somewhat undone with the decision of BOO! or POOF! to be made.I kept looking at the card and decided it hade to POOF!So I opened up the Silhouette Studio software and whet to my Library and instead of looking for sentiments already made I went to My Fonts. and chose LDI Free Spirit, clicked on the Window icon to get back to my worksheet and the text tool and typed in what I wanted.


Now with the word selected, click on un-group, The word now shows individual letters with individual selection boxes instead of one selection box. Click on the Selection tool  and, voila! you can move each individual letter just the way you want it.


When you have them placed just where you want them then weld them together.

I kept the exclamation point separate because of the fine lines of the ‘F’. As it was the little dot was too little and i lost it so I had to hand cut another dot for the exclamation point.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Almost Headless Horseman…

or a witch who’s spell went bad???? Couldn’t resist that comment ~ I love this design. The cardstock was covered with a page from an old book i sprayed with Tattered Angel’s Patina and Olive Vine then tore it into pieces as the card is 5 1/2 inches square and the paper was not. The center (being covered with the main design, is bare and I left the edges ragged.  The Sassy Cheryl digital stamp was printed on lovely “Pure Silk” watercolor paper which you can get here & here with water color crayons (Neocolor II)  I also embossed the image; had to put it on high quality setting but i finally got it to emboss. I think the air is too dry around here (4000 ft. el.).

And used a couple of Silhouette’s cutting files makes a rather cute card! And being short on black cardstock, i painted white cardstock black with a marker (they do come in so handy!). The sentiment could be ‘Poof!’ or ‘Boo!’.

Circle Heart Scalloped & Web Frame From Silhouette were used for the cutting files. I had to use the old software becasue , for some reason, I couldn't get the image to import into Silhouette Studio. I sized the image in the shape then sized the shape and image to 4.63 x 4.63, printed and emboseed then cut. I love this paper! It is on the expensive side but then watercolor paper of any good quility usually is. And though this is not watercolor paper that a watercolorist would use, it is absolutely wonerful for cardmaking! it comes in 2 wieghts and sizes (12x12 and 8 1/2x11 inches).

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Other Machine

I definitely won’t be trading my Silhouette for any other cutter on the market. I really love the ease of use that comes with this and the fact that I don’t have to buy a cartridge at a hefty $70.00, or more, a cartridge. But I do look around and check out other machines just to see what’s going on.
I did run across a write-up on the new Cricut Imagine and thought that my Cricut lovers would really like to know what differences there are between that on and the Expression so here is the link. (http://www.papercrafterscorner.com/papercrafters-corner/2010/10/cricut-imagine-review.html) I would definitely not buy until I read this article and knew what i would be getting into.
P.S. I have not disappeared off the face of the internet. I ran out of appropriate items for this time of the year and had to help my daughter out again so I am waiting till i can buy some more stuff.