Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silhouette Studio is here

It’s here! the Silhouette Studio Software for the Silhouette machine. And it is spectacular. I have a few things to show you.


The first delightful surprise was the measurements as I drew out a square. To rotate you line your cursor up over the green dot to rotate freely or by visual means or use the circular arrow in the tool box along the top. And then i went looking for the way to change the measurement via the right click menu and it wasn't there. Have to get used to this…it is in the scale menu – the box that is greyed next to the rotate icon. SS-2

You do have to click apply, the program does not make the adjustment until you do.

the next neatest thing is that you can play with your squares and circles to make different shapes!!!


I did! After you have your shape you click on the edit points icon long the left side of the program an d click on the square, or circle, and play with the shape to your heart’s content! If you want the point on the tope left shape, you can click on the corner in the point editing menu and adjust the levers on the point till you get what you want.

The program does Weld, Intersect, Subtract and more. And the Offset function is dynamic (meaning it changes as you change the value in the Offset Distance box. So super neat!

Well I have to go and play now. See you later!


P.S. All silhouette owners had an email with the announcement of the new software. If you threw  yours out or something else happened to it, it is on the Silhouette site under software.

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