Saturday, August 21, 2010

Scoring with the Silhouette

tagbox_front How simple this is and it took me till this afternoon to figure it out. Well, last night after i had gone to bed, really. Just didn’t get to it till this afternoon.
This is a ratio so that is should be easy enough to figure out on different papers, Though most of mine are cut on 100 tag and 33 pressure. The ratio is about 1/3 the pressure (I used 13) which is 1/3 plus 2 and that will make cut marks but not all the way through the paper. Which is what you want for scoring.
Edited 8-25-10: I used a template from  the Silhouette store (adorable_box_17_C00627_20509) and i had to make a couple of changes to it so it would line up properly for putting tags in it. Lori Whitlock is the designer and she did such a lovely job on the box with scoreline to make it a little like a bag and for treats. I needed one for the tags so i took the line and moved it and took out the front decorative opening.
My project was making a little tag box for my Christmas tags i did and entered into caardvarks challenge. For scoring this little template I change all dashed lines to a different color (wild pink).
scoring line checked
Then when i went to cut i clicked on the setting icon and made sure i was on the Cutting Settings tab, clicked on Cutline Settings and made sure i had appropriate color for cutting checked and the other color (wild pink) un-checked. Then cut the box. Without taking the box out of the machine I went back and repeated the procedure but checking the wild pink line and unchecked the red cutting line.
I made the appropriate changes to the Thickness and let the machine ‘cut’. The score line must be on the back side of the paper, so if you have something that has a right side/back side you must place it on the carrier sheet backwards for scoring before you begin!


lorilynn said...

Hi I just saw your cute tag box and you mentioned on Flickr to have the designer contact you. Well, that is me. You can see it on my blog at It looks like you removed the window before cutting the box, very cute. What a great idea to use it to house a set of tags. I may have to make a few of those for my friends for Christmas this year. Thanks for sharing.

Gata! said...

Hello... Did you use the craft robo or silhouette sd machine?
I´m really interested for buy one of them, but.. i would like to do little boxes and i don´t know if the silhouette sd do that...
Thanks a lot.. and..sorry for my english is not so good..


cristinoel said...

For Gata! - the top of the page has a translation box so you can read the posts in your own language and, yes the Silhouette will make little boxes. The link to buy the Silhouette SD is I hope this is a help to you. And the Robo Master is the software that come with the machine.