Thursday, August 5, 2010

Changing a Shape in Silhouette

I wanted to make a copy of this lovely card on Fred She Said’s site. It is a beautiful card and I wanted to make it about the same. There are some minor change in my version. So I picked my shape and brought into the Robo Master software and you see it here the exact size it domes in from the library.


This is nice – you can use as is for any scrapbook page or make it smaller to fit a card. What i didn’t like was the overly rounded edge. I wanted my scallops not quite so deep. The image is selected and I will click on the last icon inthe tool   bar at top whic brings up this screen or input box…


The blue hi-lighted value is changed to 0.060 and the miter is 2.0 – i have not touched that. Click ok and this is what you get.


I liked this just the way it was so i went ahead with the next step. I had to change the .png scripture file to a .jpg which i did in Photoshop Elements (I have version 6 but any version will do this job) then imported the .jpg file into Robo Master and sized for cutting. Robo Master does not have an alignment function you have to use the grid. Lining up a file to the cutting lines is not the best (if your are good enough you can line up the arrows, somedays i need the lines to help) so you can turn on the grid (view/view grid) and turn off the mesh (which are lines of your mat and is in the same menu); the last item. Now you can line up your arrows so that they co-inside with the grid lines …


Then do the same with the cutting lines (the blue lines here).


Since I am cutting on Cardstock this time (Neenah) I want to make a duplicate of the scalloped circle which is easy here, just copy and paste – the new lines will line up exactly on top of the other. Then somewhere on the mat close to the image but far enough away you have not selected anything, click and drag till you have all items selected (this time it is the set of 2 cutting lines and the graphic) and group them together. Next move the group where you want the cut to be made on your paper.


I have already checked to see if the cutting lines were fitting well inside the other large scalloped shape (that will be the mat layer behind the scripture/sentiment. I wouldn’t always be cutting the mat from the same piece of cardstock but this time I am. So i loaded my cardstock into the printer and clicked on the printer icon which brought up the printer dialog box and clicked on okay (you will notice that the printing will be at the bottom of the page). Then I placed the paper on the mat so that is lined up between the ‘L’ brackets and the line along the bottom of the carrier mat, placed it in the machine and let it cut. My setting for cutting this was Tag 100 lbs and thickness 33 with the red blade adjustment cap. I cut Neenah, Bazzill, Prism and AC cardstock at this setting. If I am cutting Dick Blick’s Sulphite Drawing paper (the package says premium weight; that means 80lb.

The final result for the printing and cutting is this…


ready to take off the mat and for the next step.

P.S. I save my files! I name them so that I can relate to what is in the file (scalloped circle_mine; that means i altered the original file)  This is important because when you go back to cutting that file you may be needing the exact size that was in the file and not something that you have to guess at. this is especially true with flowers. I like the flowers in different sizes so have them in  small, med and large sizes. And I try to fill up a whole sheet (8 /12 x 11) for cutting them out. For Flourishes and special borders I don’t, but i do save the file so that when i go back i will have a record of what size i last cut them at. Then if I need a different size I copy and paste it into a different file just like flowers and basic shapes. Robo Master have a viewer for looking at you .gsd file. That viewer will not read any other file but you .gsd files. You  can look into any file folder on you computer system.

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