Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beautiful Box

This is such a beautiful little box.


Finished size is about 3 inches round x 2 1/2 inches tall. cut from an 8 1/2 inch piece of cardstock. The design was saying that it needed 2-sided cardstock so I printed one up from Tracy Ann Digital Art from 2 different files but they were only $4.25 each and i already had one.

The hard part would have been the scoring the curved edges, but after the other day I just went ahead and scored the lines @ 13 Thickness and carefully folded the lines so that when glued they would just fall into place with a gentle nudge (for a box, that is).


Files used for the paper were:

  • Susie_Q Melon leafy paper 7
  • Bold Blooms paper 6

I usually change the names of the papers so they are more descriptive when i go looking through the folder but leave the number with it so when you open your file and expect it to be called leafy, it won’t be called that. But i do think it is paper  # 7.box_1454

The Silhouette Files used are:

  • star_top_box_C00586_20509
  • leaf_vine_border_adornment_C00482_19210
  • 5_petal_flower_C00041_27011



Romeo said...

Ahhhhh...what a beautiful box! I bet it would hold lots of cat treats wouldn't it?!?


Romeo >^,,^<

cristinoel said...

Yes...lots! I'd fill it with Special Recipe!