Monday, August 2, 2010

Forgot to mention

Please don’t shoot me. I forgot to mention how to tell if your mat is centered in the Silhouette when you feed it in. There is a really nice easy way. Those little ridges long the front platform are an uneven number and the center one (#7) is center. The arrow on your mat is center. So when you feed your mat into the machine just line it up with the center ridge on the platform. I have mine marked with black marker.

Silhouette SD

On the backside of my machine i have a book i keep there for the mat to rest on as the machine goes about it’s duties. I found that the cutting was more stable if there was something to keep the mat more level. On the front side i have my keyboard that is about the right height for the mat.

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Lorelie Kim said...

I have the Cricut and Cricut Expression and I would gladly trade both in for a Silhouette!! Love the delicate butterflies you cut out!