Friday, July 2, 2010

Hey, Guys! I just found something new!

As we all know when printing your own paper it does not have the surface permanence of store bought paper. and so you have to be very careful not to let a drop of water onto this paper as that drop of water shows! whether you wipe it off or not. And if you wipe it off or bolt it it is likely to show worse than anything! So I was playing around again, last night with water color crayons on a stamp and i misted it with water and then stamped my paper scrap to see what i could come up with. Well I found that i did not see the color (it was a very pale pink, anyway) but the design was still there. in a shadow or watermark style. And as it was late at night i thought my eyes might be fooling me. But, no, this morning the design is still there and i can find traces of the pink. I will remember this and if I want the color to show I will use a deeper color. I don’t know if i want to do this with crayons though…


So I tried doing this with just plain water and it worked!


With that in mind I decided to do some flowers to go on this piece with my birdcage stamp (which is a cling stamp and every time I think I have it on straight and I take the stamp off – it’s crooked; so i trimmed the paper to fit.)


Then after painting these I decided to try something and came up with…


I don’t know how obvious this is but the 2 yellow flowers on the right are outlined with gelly roll pens; clear and black. The 2 yellow flowers on the left were painted with not outline protection and the ink bled al little less but I was using less water and the paper had had more time to dry. The pink and lavender flowers were done the same time as the flowers on the card front above.

The paper i used is the new ‘Pure as Silk’ water color paper and I could not emboss it as the printer ink was so thoroughly dry by the time the half sheet of flower came out. I thought it might be worth the try as water color paper, though absorbent, has a binder in it to help make water colors flow nicely and not be absorbed but lay on the top of the paper. So there are my findings for the day.

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