Saturday, July 24, 2010

the finish

This week has been very hectic with my daughter and 2 of the 3 children moving out. A very unhappy time for me, but cannot be helped. I am wore out and i didn't even do the most of the work. So the post that was going to take one day took three but here it is.
I cut the lettering on the Silhouette. Unfortunately I could have added in another ‘s’ to make the phrase ‘blossoms’ which would have been more appropriate, but i was so tired. And I still haven’t caught up. So i cut it like it was and figured that would work with the other little phrase on the side of the box. After all it is only I who will be using the box. I suppose that phrase will be good to remind me to be pleasing to the Lord in all i do, even at 63.
Back to the lettering: I cut all the pieces on 65lb paper (bristol type drawing paper about 6 inches square) and in order to do this I used masking tape (drafting tape would be better) on the corners (as the paper is only 6 inches wide) to help hold the paper in place on the mat. Also had to make sure that the tape did not cover any are that was going to be cut. The letters for ‘my paper flowers’ laid out on the table and gently placed some masking tape over them (drafting tape would have been better – i can’t help but stress that.), again gently (with the tip of my fingernail) press down onto the lettering in 2 –3 spots on each letter, being careful not to press to hard. This did work but is risky. Also i pressed the tape on the work surface a few times to help take off some of the tack on the tape. Then i turned it over and placed tiny bits of glue on the back side of the lettering and placed it on the box. This worked okay, but i had to be very careful pulling the tape off. I hate not having the proper tools to work with but as i live out in the country (15 minutes from town) and have to go so far to the larger city to get anything, I prefer to get things by internet. This has it’s own problems but i do pretty good.
As you can see I did not press the one paper flat. I really liked the texture that the wrinkled paper made on this project.
So now my box is finished.


Barbra Joan said...

Didn't know your daughter was moving out,, I just spent an hour reading all you blog posts, and now I see what PATIENCE is! You are so detailed , I"m amazed,, by any chance are you a Virgo? BJ

cristinoel said...

No...I'm Sagittarius. Don't go by that stuff at all.

cristinoel said...

I just have Jesus!