Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Daisy

The flowers form yesterday’s post are now decorating a candy box.

Ta - Daahhh…



The background papers are :

  1. Basic Grey’s ‘Sugar Rush’ : the backside of the paisley background
  2. The beautiful blue is From Bazzill’s Winter Collection cardstock and served as mats for the next 2 backgrounds.
  3. The next background was a piece of inkjet paper wrinkled up into a ball and pressed flat the distress inks were applied directly over the wrinkles, and then sprayed with water then took a leaf stamp and stamped that randomly over it.
  4. The last and topmost background piece was done with smearing cotton balls covered with distress ink randomly until i got a pleasing blend.

The Flowers were cut on the Silhouette (files: 12-petal_flower_C00667_20509 & 5_petal_flower_C00041_27011 ) and the leaves are a Martha Stewart punch. The Daisy is cut at almost 1.5 inches; the other flower is cut at 1.86 inches.(when you pull up the file you will only use the lower right-hand layer) Those measurements are not square; you need to check the Hold Aspect Ratio box before you put the size in the width input box.

The center on the daisies was done by pouncing Distress ink with a cotton swab make-up applicator, using Scattered Straw and Wild Honey, then  shaping them by embossing the flower center on the back side, turning the flower over and using the smaller end of the embossing tool, pressed down at the base of the flower petals where it meets the center which pops the petals upward a little and then curled the ends of the petals between forefinger nail and thumb. The teal blue flowers were watercolor crayon and have a Mill Hill bead (these are equivalent to size 15 seed beads) in the center

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