Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My little Birdie

I have this new stamp I saw that was just so cute and cheery I just had to buy him.


and i worked on this card for Mel of Mel Stampz who has not put anything up on her blog for a while so I thought she needed some cheerin’ up; so here it is and if she emails me i will mail it to her.

background paper is Mel’s ‘dream definition’ I downloaded from her blog and printed out.  I used 2/3 of it for the front and the other 1/3 inside covered with some white acrylic paint for the sentiment area. Card stock is Stampin’ Up!’s and the flower is from Fred She Said. I printed the flowers out on Dick Blick’s Sulphite drawing paper and colored directly with water color crayons then went over them with water and brush. This paper works very well as a general purpose craft paper as it accepts water colors better than most papers if you don’t use too wet a brush and shapes so well when water is applied to paper for flowers (although I did not do any ore than jut color the flower and leaves and shape with paper styluses. The Bird is painted with yasutomo’s pearlescent paints. I added some painted accent to the tail and top knot feathers also.

Font used is ‘factory’.

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Barbra Joan said...

oh well, if he isn't just the cutest!! Had to come and see after your email. love the way you explain everything and exactly what you use and how.!!! If that lady Mel doesn't email you she's missin' out. BJ