Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday Today!

My oldest Granddaughter is 21 today and so, of course, festivities are ensuing. Must have a birthday card !!! That goes without saying. I grabbed a little  stamped and painted image of mice having a blowing out the candle ritual that has been lying around for about a month. So glad that i have some things done ahead of time needed. Had cut out a little doily (a Samantha Walker design for Silhouette) just a little while ago and  thought it would be real cute behind the image so that was the  next piece. I used distress ink to do the background behind the ice and silhouetted the mice, used 3D-DOTS for them and everything was going good at this point. The background paper came next; that was easy! Bittersweet from basic gray had just the perfect paper for this. But then come the sentiment and I had’ to cut that on the Silhouette…I thought it would look just great so I cut that out and the top half of the ‘B” didn’t cut correctly. But i cut another one and that worked out.Now I had to figure out, without a lot of supplies I used to have, i feel a bit hampered. But i had a roll of ‘cheap’ low tack dollar store cellophane tape and thought that would work so i laid out the lettering on my crafty acrylic craft thingy that i lay on top of the Olfa rotary cutting mat that has lines on it for this kind of thing. Adjusted the letters so that they were as straight as i could get them and and carefully laid the cellophane tape over them and lightly pressed it down so i got all the letters on the tape. Whew! i did it. only the exclamation point went haywire but i can do that after i lay down the sentiment on the card.
Then i carefully turned the lettering over and applied mono-multi to the backside of the letters. Now, my eyes are not as good as they used to be i cannot see some details like white glue on white paper, i used too. So some spots got more glue than they should but at least the glue dries clear! The dot to the ‘i’ is somewhere on my table, ah! there it is. So I grabbed my handy-dandy Quick Kutz quicker-picker-upper and picked up the dot and laid a bit of glue on the exposed side and let that sit so that the glue would dry to tacky and placed it in it’s spot and now i have to get everybody to sign the card…Bye! :)

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