Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silhouette Tip

I have some cutting files now that are the basic shapes used in making cards (circles, squares, and ovals; plain and fancy) and this is presenting a bit of a problem as to which one to use with whatever stamp I am using at the time. So…i thought, why not cut a sample size for matching to a stamp, that I should make a set of these and then i can try them behind the stamp to make sure that i have the right size shape for the stamp.


I also have the mat for this circle that fits perfectly. Then I marked them with the size and file name. Then after cutting out the shape i realize i could use this negative shape for doing the same thing for paper mats that go behind  the decorative stamped shapes.


I could move it around on the decorative paper to find the right spot on the  decorative paper before cutting. I also decided to save a sample with the file name on it so that I got the right file the first time with minimum searching for it. The paper I found to be just great for this is Blick’s 60 or 80 lb sulphite drawing paper. It has a very nice crisp strong feel to it and cuts just fine. This would also work out for trying out designs as it is very inexpensive paper.

I also try to make the file name fit the shape and size of the shape being cut. There is also the Thumbnail browser To see what is in each file which comes in very handy.


Maureen said...

Great idea! This is bound to save a lot of trial and error down the road.

Margaret T said...

What an absolute great idea. I'm glad you put it in writing for the rest of us who just didn't think of it!!!