Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Need a Hug?

No matter what you are going through, maybe you are needing a hug today. Here is one for you from me. I can make that many cards and mail them out to you but you can save the photo and remember every time you look at it that God has a hug for you.
I learned a couple of things this morning. The first is my lovely Canon MP210 (printer) has a setting that can speed up or slow down the drying time of the ink. that makes it nice for embossing digi-stamps.
The other one is really a no-brainer but i messed up. I printed the sentiment onto sticker paper (Avery 4383) and besides the fact that i should have made it a little bit smaller I cut to shape and i should have just pressed it onto the white layer of the tag and trimmed to match the tag.  Instead i shape cut it ( ;) )and the edges are showing, but it isn’t too bad. I did a neat little trick of 2 layers on the ‘hug?’ the bottom layer is gold with an upper layer sized just a little smaller and in colors to match the paper.


Card size is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches. the Shape for the images (with mat cut a little larger) I cut on the silhouette from a shape scanned then imported onto the Robo Master software and then an outline was made from that. After the outline was pasted onto the image I un-grouped it and deleted the background image. I cut the white layer at 2 5/8”  and the mat at 2 7/8”.
The sentiment tag is an SEI file (nameplates_C00011_27011 – keyword: tags, nameplate, label) Silhouette file of 4.
The scroll is a pair of scrolls (rough_swashes_C00138_23067 – keyword: flourish) not joined, done by hero Arts for Silhouette
The leaf stem is branch (branch_C00022_23851 – keyword: leaves) by Donna Downey and would be great for Sunflowers. I cut mine just a smidgeon over 2 inches long or tall on some Dick Blick student drawing paper and did a Tim Holtz technique for coloring with peeled paint Distress Ink. I was trying for a mottled look and did get it on one branch but not this one.
The flower centre is Puffy Velvet and i painted it yellow with water color pencils and used just pain water (I didn’t know how it would react to the dove blending solution)


Beate said...

Adorable card!
Hugs and smiles

Maureen said...

Very sweet! Couldn't we all use a hug?!