Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years 2010

Have a happy and prosperous New Year

I almost didn’t make it for  putting up a New Year’s card this year I had trouble coming up with an idea; the color scheme was easy.  I thought balloons would be nice but i didn’t have a stamp that fit that them…gonna have to get one or two.

Rummaging around in my stamp collection the idea surfaced. I found the star stamp i bought a few years ago and used some embossing powder that I mixed myself from a pinch of gold glitter in a bunch of white opaque. I store it in an old lip gloss container. I should have use more glitter, there wasn’t quite enough and it doesn’t show as well. Then I had to figure out how to do my lettering; decided to use Kingsthings Willow font @ 36 pt and green to go with the card background ‘Ornate Textured Background that is from Stampendous. Next, because I am out of dots at this time, i decided to curl the paper a little and glued only the ends to the card front.


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Barbra Joan said...

This card is so lovely. Even though most of my time is taken by watercolor and pencil work I find doing paper crafts so enjoyable and relaxing that I'll never stop. I'm going to meander through your blog now, and thank you so much for visiting me.