Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tags for Gifts

I had been looking at all the lovely machines for cutting shapes and embossing for quite some time, drooling over them and what i could do if I had one and the high price (for me) they all are. So i am left with drooling. And then i looked at the other machines; the ones that do not take dies to cut and emboss but do not emboss. Oh well, you trade one thing for another. I thought it would really be neat to make my own shape as well as the ones that are available. I am that kind of person that loves to dabble. So when i found the Silhouette that offered a time payment and a tryout period i went for it.

When it finally got here (too bad not all things can go by e-mail) i set down to play. Well here it was cutting just beautifully and I thought of all the lovely things i could do with it. Being the time of the year it is snow flakes come to mind. So, I cut a few of those from the patterns i could get on the silhouette site. What fun!

Then i had to have some tags! so i pulled up the software and fixed up my own tags. Wonderful, right at my fingertips, just like i like it to be. I also fixed them to line up side by side, and it worked!! I am so thrilled. Here they are…

crsms 001

If anyone wants a copy of the cutting file you are welcome to email me and i will gladly send you a copy.

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