Friday, January 15, 2010

I’m Cryin’

My darling little valentine is ruined and I haven’t another ready at the moment!

valentine1 001b

The little 3x3 card was going just fine till

  1. the flourish broke
  2. the heart didn’t stamp perfectly
  3. and the sentiment is too thick and the embossing powder looks coagulated


  1. the flourish broke in the right place for the design envisioned so I can live with that. I cut it on Silhouette SD and used 24 lb. white inkjet paper.
  2. the heart stamp looked okay anyway
  3. but the sentiment ruined the whole card! I did not want cut-out letters or cut out phrases look and i don’t have a white ink pen at the moment.

So, I am crying but the basic  idea is nice and in case i can’t get one up now before Valentines' day, I am posting it anyway.

The background is a ‘vignetted’ inking of my Hero Arts ‘Old Letter Writing’ stamp in sepia ink . The heart is embossed in white opaque detail embossing powder. the flourish I glued with  Sailor’s Rolling ball glue pen. And since my embossing ink pen is too heavy a point I used the glue pen for embossing the sentiment, but it still came out too heavy.


Julie Koerber said...

Way to glass half full it! Love the end result! ;-)

acornmoon said...

Happy New Year to you!

You learn by your mistakes, I should know, I make plenty of them!

Barbra Joan said...

It looks good to me! Don't you just love playing with paper? There are times I'd rather do that than paint! One of those times is now... thanks for looking at my little book. If you want to see more of it, I posted it on my other blog.