Monday, June 7, 2010

My new Computer

sure took a long time to get here and when it did I was in for a few shocks. (It arrived today)

My new computer, i made sure, had the 4 USB ports in the back plus the one in front. But is does no longer have the little round tailor made serial ports for the keyboard and mouse. This i didn’t know. It wasn’t mentioned on the web page i ordered from, but i thought they would never change that anyway. Well, the keyboard and mouse now come as USB port plug-ins. That is fine for some people but i have a digital tablet, extra hard drive, camera, Silhouette die cutting machine, printer/scanner (that used to have it’s own serial port and is now USB) and a super Logitech mouse with those side buttons that make it indispensible and uses USB instead of a serial port). Not only that but it does not look like my spiffy little computer that i love. This just is never going to work! Not only that but it has Windows 7 and I don’t think I am going to like missing my side bar that has a clock, calendar (so I don’t forget what day it is), memo pad (for short little notes i can’t live without)a little gadget that give me my daily Bible Verse, weather and Norton (so I know I am secure or i need to fix something to keep protected) and a meter (that shows me how much CPU or Ram is being used at any given moment)

I don’t know How Linda Duke is doing with her new computer…she went to The Other brand (Not Linux).

MY daughter is also having computer problems and is going to college on the internet so it is even more important that she have a computer that works (mine is purely emotional (if i can’t get certain things cut Silhouette does require a computer at all times) or info and photos put up on my blog or Flickr I will have a withdrawal problem. Also if i can’t check up on what everybody else is doing…the same). So I must have a computer..but not this one; i gave it to my daughter. (She is finally working so maybe we can get caught up on bill and other things) My little computer is hanging in though things have been pretty rough. It (The software) did manage to finally come up with it needed to check one of my disks….   On its own too!

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