Thursday, May 27, 2010

new computer on the way!

I'll be getting a new computer tomorrow hopefully (thanks to a friend loaning me the money)! Then it will be a while (3 days?) before i can post anything i think. I have been trying to figure out how to get the information i need and which is to be first onto the new computer. It's so funny....a new computer (just the brains) costs less than when i got my first one in '92. Unfortunately i cannot get windows Vista...I hope i like Windows 7 or i may be giving Microsoft a piece of my mind. I am one of those that love Vista! in spite of the constant getting an okay to move files. And it is 64 bit as opposed to 32 bit; hope it all works together for the transfer okay.

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Barbra Joan said...

Wow you sound like me with the computer problem, thats why you haven't heard from me. Plus moving into a different place. Thats done and now hopefully my own computer will be fixed by the next couple of weeks.