Saturday, April 2, 2011

Taking time out for chemo

what I am going to tell you will come as a shock, so be prepared.

I have been getting more tired all the time and strange things things were happening to my face. I was getting a lump near my right ear that was re-shaping my face and killing what little hearing I had in my ear. and then I lost sight in my right eye and my jaw was moving down and to the left. at the same time I was developing cancer in my right breast. Went for tests and they found bone cancer as well. Immediately they started work on more extensive tests and found that my bones were weakening and that I had blood cots in my right arm. I was nit able t use my arm at all for a month but am re-gaining use now. (I even crocheted just a tiny bit, but I still can’t right well yet. I can type with 3 of my fingers on my right arm.

They gave me a dose of chemo and I started improving there immediately; my jaw is still moving back up a little at a time but I can only eat soft foods right now.

I am taking chemo well but had to have a PICC Line put in for the intravenous infusions as my veins are not cooperating. I am really gratefulfor this as it means that they don’t have to go searching for a vein before taking bloodtests and in fusions.

I have two darling women doctors and team so I am being well teken care of and improving daily! I thank God for this as of course withoiut God nothing would work right.

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