Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Playin’

I have a cute little granddaughter having a birthday soon and was working on a card for her – I came up with this….


Well, things don’t always go just like you want them to – and after doing the little hedgehog and finding the paper i wanted to go with it i think this will do just great for my Son, who also has a birthday soon.

  • Basic Grey’s Porcelain 6x6 collection
  • Penny Black’s valentine critters
  • Prism green card stock
  • Sentiment from Flourish’s Violet stamp set
  • Neenah Solar Crest 80# cardstock
  • Dove Blender
  • Albrecht Durer Water Color Pencils in the following colors
  • Caput Mortum Violet #169 (for roses)
  • Indian Red, #192 (hedgie’s body)
  • Burnt Umber #280 (hedgie’s quills)
  • Sanguine #188 (flower pot)
  • Permanent Green ( i think) #266, you can use a better green than this was.

Most of these i can be bought at a lot of places, but i find that is is not easy to find Prism Cardstock which I like better than the popular brands which i buy also. And the water color pencils I bought at Dick Blick Art Supplies and they can be bought open stock. They and the Lyra brand are the best water color pencils ever!

When I did the coloring on this little critter, I had just done the green on the flowers and had wiped the blender off. However there was still some green on the pen tip and when I pre-wet the hedge hog for coloring there was a hint of green, then I laid in the color for the hedge hog with Indian Red #192 and I think it looks just fine. Green is a natural toner for reds anyway. And there was so very little green but just enough to shade the red a little and I think that made the hedge hog!

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Barbra Joan said...

Love your birthday card to whoever it goes out to! Thanks for sharing!